Watch Full Video of killing at victim’s idaho college idaho students & idaho students – Some of the four University of Idaho students who were stabbed to death in their rental home last Sunday died in their beds, the Rata County coroner told CBS News on Friday.

Watch Full Video of killing at victim's idaho college idaho students & idaho students

Coroner Cathy Mabot provided no further details. However, he noted that earlier media reports that the four victims were murdered in their beds were false.

Mabbott told CBS News on Thursday that the students were killed with a “larger knife,” according to autopsy reports that concluded all four victims were stabbed to death. According to Moscow police, the coroner said all four victims were probably asleep, some with defensive wounds, and all had been stabbed multiple times. According to police, there were no signs of sexual assault. The killings rocked Moscow, a panhandle Idaho city of 25,000 that saw its last murder about five years ago. The leafy college town is 80 miles south of Spokane, Washington. Officers did not identify a suspect and did not recover any weapons, said Moscow Police Chief James Fry.

Four victims were members of fraternity and sorority. Xana Carnodol, 20, from Post Falls, Idaho. Freshman Ethan Chapin (20) from Mount Vernon, Washington. The women were roommates. The bodies were found at noon on Sunday 11 November. 13.

Moscow police said early reports on Friday suggested Chapin lived at the residence, but he only visited at the time of his death. The two surviving housemates were found unharmed in the home. At this time, investigators do not believe the two surviving housemates were involved in the murder, police said. In a statement Saturday night, Moscow police provided new details about the investigation, saying they responded to a 911 call about an “unconscious” person on the cell phone of a roommate who survived the day of the murder. . Police found four victims on the second and third floors of the house.

Police also said Saturday that investigators “do not believe” the “private party driver” who drove Morgan and Goncalves home early on the morning of Nov. 1. 13 “involved in this crime.”

Police also revealed that there were multiple phone calls from Mugen and Goncalves “to a man”. The police did not confirm whether they knew the identity of the man.

“This information is part of an ongoing investigation,” the police said in a statement.

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According to the police, the two surviving roommates separated from Moscow late at night on November 12 and returned home around 1 am on November 12. 13.

“Both of them did not wake up until late on the night of November 13,” police said in a news release. Frye had previously declined to say whether his surviving roommate could explain the murder. The chief said there was no evidence of entry into the house and that the door had been found open by police officers earlier. Police said evidence found at the scene led them to believe the students were assaulted, although they did not provide details. Investigators say it appears that something was stolen from the victims or the home. After initially saying there was no ongoing danger, Frye returned on Wednesday.

“This is not without threats to society,” Frey said. “We still believe this is a targeted attack. But the reality is there is still one person out there who committed four very heinous and heinous crimes.”

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